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Rattlesnake venom for sale. In the New World, the Cascavel also known as Casabel, Cascavel, Vibora de cascabel, Cascabela, Serpiente de cascabel; Portuguese, Cascavel de quatro ventas; in English, Tropical or South American rattlesnake; Aymaran, Saqapani katari; in German, Schauer Klapperschlange; and Furthermore, as is almost always the case, at the heart of legends, no matter how extortionate they are.

For its wide distribution range as well as its nervous and aggressive temperament. The Crotalus durissus is one of the most dangerous poisoners in Central and Southern America. Its venom, which we will discuss in detail later, is among the most active and dangerous.

It is not surprising that it has risen to the position of king of the cold-blooded killers in the collective imagination, sharing a similar aura of menace and power with the Bushmaster, or Woods terror, or even Surucucu (Lachesis muta), the greatest American viperid and without a doubt the longest living creature on the face of the planet (up to 350 cm).

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But in reality, it is the Crotalus durissus that has a bad rep, not the Lachesis muta. Which is a larger serpent but one that is less easy to encounter, more passive in its behavior and endowed with venom that, while produced in large quantities, is less active than that of the Cascavel, which as a result has been responsible for a relatively small number of serious accidents.

Several subspecies of this vipery (Viperidae), which is a member of the crotaline (Crotalinae) subfamily, are described, including the following:

  • Best Crotalus durissus also known as the Serpente de cascabel, is a species of snake that can be found in Surinam, Guyana, and French Guyana.
  •   Crotalus durissus terrificus or Cascavel: the species typical of the Amazon forest, especially in its southern part, which reaches south-eastern Peru, the northern part of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
  • Crotalus durissus cumanensis: also known as Venezuelan cascavel, is native to Venezuela.

This reptilian is also the only one in South America truly deserving of the name rattle snake.  New World do not produce the characteristic note known as rattle. As is quite well describe by the scientific name of its direct competitor for the title of king serpent. The Lachesis muta, a reptilian that, like the moccasins and the North-American copperheads, vibrates the tail when upset,

size of reptilian

The Cascavel is a large and robust reptile that can grow up to 180 cm in length and weigh up to 4 kg. Its body has an almost triangular section, which reminds me a little of the harmless file-snakes, or African file snakes (genus Mehelya), and is cover with strongly keel scales, especially on the back, where they take on the appearance of true and proper tubercules, rattlesnake venom for sale

Colors on the background vary dramatically depending on the zones, ranging from the pale (ash grey, beige, pale brown) to the dark (chestnut, anthracite, and even black), and on them stand out (more or less prominently depending on how intense the background is) darker patterns in the shape of lozenges, sometimes surrounded by pale or white borders, and frequently containing some spots of different hues within them.

It is not uncommon to find specimens with unusual tints. such as shades of green and even shades of orange. Its head is flatten and triangular in shape, and the apex of the snout appears relatively “snub,” with the eyes place far ahead, close to the opening of the thermoreceptor dimples. On a larger scale, the head resembles that of certain African and Asian echis (as described in the texts), viperids that, however, do not have the characteristic dimples of the viperids of the New World.

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Despite the fact that it is most active at night and at high altitudes and during less warm periods. It can be very active in broad daylight in some areas. especially at high altitudes.

As soon as it becomes agitate or feels threaten. It adopts the typical defensive and DE hortatory posture of North American rattlers. Wrapping itself in a heap of cols and rapidly vibrating the tail. While the head moves back as if it were a spring ready to shoot the intruder.

This performance is not always successful in alerting those who are walking through tall grass or in the bush. The serpent may not have realized the approach of an intruder in time. Or the noise made by someone moving through the thicket may drown out the crackling produced by the reptilian. The cascavel may be in a bad mood on that particular day and therefore does not want to emit sounds. And the result is a close encounter that may result in a pleasant bite.

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